Everyone can sell online now

Manage all your Stores, Locations, POS and all Sells from Offline or Online sources.

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What is ERP ?

The Enterprise resource planning system or what is known as ERP System is an integrated system to manage and align your resources with the needs of your company or trade, whether offline or online

IT will you help you to organize your work from anywhere

It's Cloud system, so you will be able to work on it from anywhere and join it easily for you and your employees

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Your data will be recorded accurately

You can register all the products and services that are available in all their types and details... You can add all the classifications at their prices and sizes and types with the types of sale, whether (wholesale) and the appropriate quantities... Or sector... Their own taxes and the prices of all related (manufactured - sold - shipped ... etc.)

All of Data or & Operations in one place

You can add and manage all the account management and sales management data , all the data related to taxes, sales, percentages and collection from clients, returns and payments, and collect them according to their times.

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Suppliers & Inventory

You can record Suppliers data and accounts, monitor, and update continuously, and you can do an inventory at any time according to the data you need.

Also multi types of Data such as the Inventory, Quantities, Remaining, and any more that is withdrawn on it .. Using alerts that will reach you close to the depletion of quantities of the goods that you operate in